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There was a certain Polybius, completely uneducated and ill-spoken, who said, “The emperor has honored me with Roman citizenship.” To which Demonax responded, “If only he'd made you a Greek rather than a Roman.”:
Lucian of Samosata, Life of Demonax

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Elegy and Iambus. with an English Translation by. J. M. Edmonds. Cambridge, MA. Harvard University Press. London. William Heinemann Ltd. 1931. 1.

Demodocus: Poems


Now it is clear that lack of self-control is not a vice —though in a way perhaps it is, for it may or may not be deliberate; all the same the result is similar, as in the line of Demodocus on the Milesians:1

<Thus also spake Demodocus —> The Milesians are not dolts, but they behave like dolts;

in the same way, the uncontrolled may not be knaves, but they behave like knaves.

Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics

Demodocus: —

Thus also spake Demodocus —The Chians are bad men, not one bad and another not, but all save Procles, and Procles is a Chian.2

Palatine Anthology


“3He is said to have had a remarkable talent for pleading a cause, but he used the full strength of his oratory to a good end, and so it is this that Demodocus of Leros means in the line:

If ever thou go to law, prosecute thy case after the manner of Priene.4

Diogenes Laertius Life of Bias

1 cf. Aspas. ad loc. , Plut. de Flum. 18 (?)

2 cf. Phocyl. i, which is perh. a parody in answer to D.'s attack on the Milesians (fr. 1)

3 cf. Suid. δικάζεσθαι

4 the technical terms do not correspond with Attic usage

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